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Substance Use Online Toolkit

Find online tools to support yourself or someone you care about.  Sea to Sky Safety Net is a safe place to begin your search for substance use support resources available to residents in the Sea to Sky. 

Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions - Wellbeing

Not all substance use is harmful – some people who use substances do not experience challenges. If alcohol or other drugs is causing harm to you or others, it could be a sign of a substance use challenge. 

Wellness Together Canada

Access to a variety of adult and youth resources to motivate and support your wellness journey or connect to mental health and substance use support, resources, and counselling with a professional.

Canada's Lower Risk Cannabis Guidelines

Providing science-based recommendations to enable people to reduce their health risks associated with cannabis use so they can make informed decisions. View brochure here.

Here to Help

Learn more about people and substance use. Search Here to Help's Resource Library for access to quality information about all substances and substance use.


Offering young people, ages 12-24, resources, services and supports. Learn about alcohol & other substances, recognize early signs they may be having a negative effect, and learn how to reduce possible harms.

For Men. About Men.

Features health strategies for managing and preventing depression. Learn about depression in men; try their self check-in; and explore how to take action to support your mental health.

Kelty's Key
Self Help

For some people, substance use can lead to problems. It can start to interfere with your life and get in the way of your goals. Here you’ll learn how to spot a problem with substance use and cut down.

Canada's Guidance on Alcohol and Health

*NEW release, January 2023 - Canada's Guidance on Alcohol and Health supports people in making informed decisions about their health and helps them to evaluate their drinking patterns.  

Canadian Mental Health Association

Using Alcohol & Other Drugs. 

Learn how you can make healthier, less harmful choices when you choose to use alcohol or other drugs.

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