Sea to Sky Safety Net Provider Toolkit features optional resources to support busy health care providers who are working in the space of mental health and substance use.

Welcome to Sea to Sky Safety Net - a mental health and substance use resource hub that pulls together local and reliable information to help bolster mental wellness and community resilience.  The goal of Sea to Sky Safety Net is to eliminate stigma by building awareness of community support services, and encouraging people to reach out for help.


Sea to Sky Safety Net can be a useful tool for providers when building wrap around support networks for clients.  You will also find useful resources on this provider page to gain an awareness of local services, advance cross-community working relationships, and find professional development opportunities for yourself or your team.


These tools are here to support MHSU providers in delivering an Every Door is the Right Door model that harnesses the power of that first touch point with clients.  Through connecting, screening, and collaboration, care providers and clients can work together to establish the most appropriate options when building a treatment plan that will affect the greatest likelihood of improvement. Together, teams can streamline services in an effort to provide the best possible experience for the client and foster a community where everyone has equitable access to services. 


Explore the Quick Links section of this page to find specialized mental health and substance use information, client handouts, webinars, and professional development opportunities.

We will continue to add to this page to provide helpful information to the Sea to Sky provider community. If you feel there is something missing, please reach out to

Community Services Directory

A comprehensive community health care service directory to help providers build support networks for clients.

Care For Caregivers

A diverse collection of quick and easy resources to support the mental health of health care workers.

Local Programs & Events

Current mental health support events and programs to share with your clients.

We Are On Your Side

We Are On Your Side.png

We Are On Your Side

We Are On Your Side.png

We Are On Your Side

We Are On Your Side Postcard.png

Provider "Quick Links"

Find downloadable literature, client handouts, professional development opportunities and more.

BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services (BCMHSU)

Clinical and professional resources.

As a provincial service, we're committed to sharing our expertise and experience with other health professionals who are also treating people with mental health and substance use issues.

 Compass Mental Health (Child/Youth)

Supporting community care providers to deliver the best mental health and substance use care close to home. Compass is a province-wide service to improve access to evidence-based care for all BC children and youth living with mental health and substance use concerns. Who Can Use the Service? Compass is available to community care providers working with children and youth with mental health and substance use concerns, such as primary care providers, specialist physicians, mental health clinicians, Foundry clinicians, and concurrent disorders/substance use clinicians.

eMentalHealth provides anonymous, confidential and trustworthy information and is a non-profit initiative of the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).

Features include: 

Mental Health directory of services and organizations

Info Sheets on a variety of mental health conditions and topics

Screening Tools 

Information about the latest mental health news. 

Research directory

Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA)

Health Compass is an interactive online course accessible on the PHSA Learning Hub. It is is a self-guided, learner-driven journey that includes activities, opportunities for reflection, and additional tools to support your learning. Health Compass is also available as a full resource guide that can be integrated in whole or in part into education and training processes.

Pathways, Sea to Sky

Pathways, Sea to Sky is a comprehensive community health care service directory that was created in partnership with the GPSC, Sea to Sky Division of Family Practice and is supported by Whistler Community Services Society. Pathways, Sea to Sky is an excellent 'go to' site for providers to find trusted Community, Provincial and National resources and wrap around services to support all aspects of health and wellbeing of clients and patients. This service is easy to navigate with extensive filtering capabilities.

Inclusion of resources is not a recommendation or endorsement by the curators of this site. 

Every Door is the Right Door

Working to ensure that those who seek help are screened in, and not out.

~ Harness the power of that first touch point.

~ Work collaboratively with participants to build the most effective supports that will provide the greatest likelihood of improvement.

~ Explore use of community consent to provide a seamless connection among support networks.

~ Forms are SAMPLES ONLY.

~ It is the sole responsibility of the user to obtain legal advice regarding the content and/or use of sample materials provided. 

~ Forms are customizable and can be tailored to an organizations' needs, privacy terms or protocols.