CALL 911

If you believe that your life or someone else's life is in danger.

Crisis Line 

Serving the Sea to Sky Corridor.

IRSSS Crisis Line

Indian Residential School Surviors Crisis Line. If you need help, please reach out.


If you are considering suicide or are concerned about someone who may be.

Howe Sound Women's Centre Crisis Line 1-877-890-5711

(or text 604-815-8596)


Seniors Distress Line 


When you are worried, upset, confused, or just want to talk to someone.

Mental Health Support
310-6789 (no area code)

For emotional support, information and resources specific to mental health.

KUU-US Crisis Line 

Youth Line: 250-723-2040

Adult/Elders Line: 250-723-4050

Services for First Nations, by First Nations

Chat Services

Online Chat Service for Youth(noon-1 a.m.)

Online Chat Service for Adults: (noon-1 a.m.)

Kids Help: 1-800-668-6868, live chat counselling at

Crisis Lines

Crisis services are available 24 hours/day at no cost.