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Mental Health Online Toolkit

Whether you are looking to check-in with your mental health or find self-care options to support yourself or someone you care about, Sea to Sky Safety Net is a safe place to find support resources offered to residents of the Sea to Sky Corridor.  Take care of your mental health. 

Self Assessment - check in on your mental health with these online tools

HeretoHelp BC

These screening self-tests can give you a snapshot of your feelings. Simply taking a few minutes to think about the way you feel can help guide you to areas of your life that need extra attention, regardless of your self-test results. 


If you feel like something just isn’t right, but aren’t sure what’s wrong,  this quiz may help. This is a tool to help identify possible mental health or substance use challenges that you may be struggling with.


The Canadian Mental Health Association has launched a new resource designed to help youth and adults throughout British Columbia assess and manage their mental health during COVID-19.

Self-Care - find online resources to support your mental health

Anxiety Canada

Access anxiety resources including:

  • anxiety in children

  • anxiety in youth

  • anxiety in adult

  • Anxiety Canada - free MindShift™ App.

Kelty's Key
Self Help

Whatever your mental health concern, self-help is an excellent way to get started. Work through these free courses at your own pace.  You’ll need to work on and off your computer to really see results.


Foundry offers young people ages 12-24 health and wellness resources, services and supports. Find resources for 'tough topics', grief, sexual health, mental health, substance use, health living and more.


Connecting students currently registered in a B.C. post-secondary institution to free, confidential counselling and community referral services, conveniently available 24/7 via app, phone and web.


Free skill-building program designed to help adults and youth 15+ manage low mood, mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress or worry.

Sea to Sky
Healing Project

A curated toolkit by a group of like-minded STS folks who have a passion for helping others.  We share a knowledge of mental health from a patient angle, professional education, or general advocacy role.  


Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre at BC Children's Hospital helps families across the province navigate the mental health system, offer peer support, and connect them to resources and tools.

For Men. About Men.

HeadsUpGuys features health strategies for managing and preventing depression. Learn about depression in men; try their self check-in; and explore how to take action to support your mental health.

Canadian Mental Health Association

Improving Mental Health. 

In this section of the Canadian Mental Health Association website you will find resources to help you stay mentally fit and healthy.

Wellness Together Canada

Access to a variety of adult and youth resources to motivate and support your wellness journey or connect to mental health and substance use support, resources, and counselling with a professional.

The Wellness Almanac

A community almanac from Pemberton, Lil'wat, Area C and N'Quatqua. A celebration of place. An invitation to pay attention. An opportunity to discover common ground and celebrate unique differences.

Friendly Calls
Canadian Red Cross

The Friendly Calls program pairs a trained Red Cross volunteer with someone who is feeling isolated or lonely, who may have limited social and family connections, or feels they could benefit from more social interaction.

Inclusion of resources is not a recommendation or endorsement by the curators of this site. 

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