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Caregiver Support

An increasing number of Canadians are supporting loved ones of all ages through a mental health challenge or illness. As a caregiver, it is ever more important to check in on your own mental health and get the support that you need, when you need it.  While it is common for caregivers to put the needs of others before their own, taking care of your own mental health can help avoid burnout, isolation, anxiety, or depression.  Make the time to learn how to care for yourself while caring for others.

Care for Health Care Workers

Care to Speak is a peer support service that provides emotional and psychological help to healthcare workers.

Call or Text 1-866-802-7337

Emotions BC

Emotions BC provides and delivers supports and services to people who have loved ones dealing with mental health challenges, or are themselves finding it hard to find “their people” who understand what they are going through.


Canadian Mental Health Association provides advocacy and resources to help prevent mental health problems and illnesses, support recovery and resilience, and enable all Canadians to flourish and thrive. Find helpful tips for Caregivers.

Family Caregivers of BC

FCBC provides direct support to caregivers through one-on-one emotional support, caregiver support groups, health care system navigation, and free educational resources.

Support Line 1-877-520-3267

Dementia Solutions

Dementia Care Advisors work with you and your family to offer support and recommend effective, personalized solutions for your situation.

Parents & Guardians

If you are suppring a young person with a mental health challenge or illness, find local programs and resources available to help you navigate support options.

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