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Child & Youth Mental Health (CYMH) Intake

Children and youth can access free and voluntary community-based mental health supports and services in BC. 


Intake clinics are for children and youth 0-18 yrs, and their families.


What to expect from CYMH.


Click Explore to find a local intake clinic in Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton.

Caring for Kids

Taking care of our mental health is just as important as having a healthy body.


Parents play an important role in their child’s mental health.

Learn more from the Canadian Paediatric Society's Caring for Kids. Find information on mental health, pre-teens and teens, behaviour & development and more.


Using any substances comes with risks. Foundry can help you learn about alcohol and other substances, recognize early signs they may be having a negative effect, and learn how to reduce possible harms.

No referral required

No assessment required

Services are free and confidential

Learn how to support others.

Kelty Mental Health
Resource Centre

Ask Kelty Mental Health - to help find supports and services for BC children & youth.


Navigation Videos - Help with understanding and navigating the mental health system and processes.


Substance Use - Understanding substance use and young people. Challenges, risks, & resources. 


The Urban Native Youth Association provides youth with services and programs centered around Education & Training, Health & Wellness, Housing & Transition and Community & Connections.

604-322-7577 (Intake)

Located in East Vancouver

Kelty's Key Self Help

If you feel you that your substance use is starting to interfere with your life and gettin in the way of achieving your goals, visit Kelty's Key for free self-help modules that you can work through at your own pace.


Here you’ll learn how to spot a problem with substance use and cut down.

Expect Respect & A Safe Education

Erase | Substance Use

For some people, alcohol or other drug use may turn into a substance use problem.

Erase note knowing | Embrace Open Conversations. Learn more.

Vancouver Coastal Health

Boulevard Clinic - Youth clinics - free, confidential drop in services for youth - age 24.  (778)-871-7132

Carlile Youth Concurrent Disorders Centre - For youth  age 13–18 who are experiencing combined mental health & problematic substance use concerns. (604) 984-5004

Youth Substance Use Services

Free services to meet the needs of youth struggling with substance misuse or addiction to drugs/alcohol. 

Youth & Substance Use

Using substances, like smoking, vaping, drugs, or alcohol, comes with risk. It can make it hard to control your actions, affect your health, impair your decisions, and affect how you think and how quickly you can react. If you are concerned about your own substance use or concerned for someone else, find resources here to help find support. 

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