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Mental Health Support


Your mental health matters. Use this page to help find programs, virtual services, self-care maintenance tools or recovery-focused resources for people of all ages and demographics who may be struggling with their mental health. Sea to Sky Safety Net is here to support your journey and provide information for local teams and services who are on your side.  

A-Z Mental Health

Information and resources for common mental health and substance use challenges. 

Mental Health Q&A

Here to Help provides answers to common questions about mental health, and substance use. 

Find a Doctor

Search for a primary care doctor in your area - an essential starting point that fosters continuity of care and a safe environment to share. 

Peer Support 

Connect with trained peer support workers who have lived experience and can provide a warm ear and/or help bridge the gap to receiving treatment or therapy.

Indigenous Support

Mental wellness and addictions resources for local Indigenous and First Nations Peoples in the Sea to Sky Corridor; including culturally focused supports.

Counselling Support

Talk to someone who can help navigate difficult life situations and address personal challenges in a positive way.

Youth Support

Find support services and programs for children, youth and their parents or caregivers.

LGBTQIA2S+ Support

Find Provincial and community groups, programs and advocacy providing support and inclusivity for the LGBTQIA2S+ community Sea to Sky.

Community Services

Local community social service agencies provide a variety of mental health and substance use support services. Find out more here.

Multicultural Support

Navigation, support and services for recent immigrants and new comers to the Sea to Sky.

Seniors Support

Support groups, services, and programs to help bolster wellness in our 55+ community.

Pathways Sea to Sky

Find local and provincial whole health community resources in an easy to use directory, brought to you by Sea to Sky Divisions of Family Practice & the General Practice Services Committee.

Online Self-Care

Check-in on your mental health with online self-assessments, or explore self-care resources & tools to support your mental wellness or someone you care about.

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