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Here to Help

Searchable fact sheets in eleven different languages (including Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Russian and Spanish) on various mental illnesses and wider mental health issues.

Work BC Centre

For anyone eligible to work in BC. WorkBC offers many services that make it your first stop as a job seeker. Find all the free resources you need to support your job search.


ISSofBC provides a supportive environment for newcomers to Canada of all backgrounds. Here to meet your settlement, English language and employment needs.

Howe Sound Women's Centre

Multicultural Outreach provides support to non status, immigrant and refugee women, trans and non-binary folks who have experienced, or are at risk of, abuse, threats, or violence in a relationship.

Squamish Welcome Centre & Settlement Services

The Hotspot is home to the Squamish Welcome Centre which facilitates many local programs and services for all. Aid for newcomers to Canada who are trying to adjust to a new life in Squamish. 

New To BC

BC public library and settlement resources for immigrants and refugees.


Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre - Helping children, youth and families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds find supportive resources and tools.

Whistler Welcome Centre & Settlement Services

Whistler Welcome Centre supports permanent residents, caregivers, new Canadians, refugees, temporary foreign workers and other newcomers living and working in Whistler.

Multicultural Support Services

Helping individuals and families new to the country get settled in the Sea to Sky and find culturally focused emotional and mental health support and resources.  Find more services or self-care options throughout the Sea to Sky Safety Net, support resource hub. 

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